A nice addition to Dublin’s restaurant scene

Now that normal service has resumed, reviews will appear here every two weeks. As I aim to showcase the best of what Dublin has to offer, by trying out various cuisines and dishes. Now and again you can expect an interesting surprise as I venture out of Dublin.  

This week’s restaurant is?

A very good friend of mine Anthony likes my Fussy Eater reviews and wanted to join me on some of restaurant reviews. So, once a month on a Saturday we will go out for lunch followed by a couple of drinks after. Every time we do this, the restaurant visited will be reviewed. For my first review with Anthony, we went to a restaurant that I have been too twice before. In my two previous visits, the meals were good and I looked forward to my latest visit.

As you just saw in the video intro above I was in one of Dublin’s latest steakhouses. The restaurant in question, Boeuf and Coq is a steak house with a twist, offering steak and chicken dishes. Boeuf and Coq opened late last year on Suffolk St, and is a sister restaurant to the excellent Boeuf on South William St. In the past month another sister restaurant has opened, Boeuf and Frites. Based in Temple Bar, they offer bottomless fries to go with their steaks, and could be well worth a visit.

Walking into the restaurant, you will notice there is enough tables to allow walk-ins. It is also spacious and you never feel that nearby tables are encroaching on you as you can see below.   

Inside Boeuf and Coq steakhouse restaurant

What did I order?

As we were in the restaurant in the early afternoon, we could avail of the Tourist & Express Lunch Menu. This menu offers you a choice of eight main courses for €14.95 with a €1.95 supplement for the Steak & Frites. We both went for the Steak & Frites, which is a 6oz Prime Striploin steak. Served with fries, tomato & mixed leaf salad, onions, and brandy peppercorn sauce on the side. 

Anthony’s steak was cooked medium rare and mine was cooked well done. Naturally being a fussy eater my steak came without onions or salad. To go with our main courses I had a pint of  Moretti and Anthony had a pint of Guinness. For deserts we both had the Chocolate Mousse and Anthony also had an Americano.

How was my meal?

My steak was perfectly cooked, and being a fussy eater I did not have the salad or onions that came with it as you can see below.

Steakhouse restaurant Boeuf and Coq Steak

Both our Striploin steaks were delicious and typical striploin steaks.

Tasty with melt in the mouth succulence, the right amount of fat and nice marbling. The chips with them were crispy, warm and the perfect accompaniment. The peppercorn sauce that came on the side was quickly poured  all over my steak and fries. It was the perfect sauce for the sauce. 

Our deserts, the Chocolate Mousse’s were light, delicious and melted in the mouth as you can see below.

What did the meal cost?

Our Steak & Frites were €16.90 each, my pint of Moretti was €7.95, Anthony’s pint of Guinness was €6.75. Our Chocolate Mousse’s were €19.90 and Anthony’s Americano was €3.75. This brought the total bill to €72.15 before tip.

Boeuf & Coq is a welcome addition to the Dublin Steakhouse scene and is a restaurant that I will be visiting again.

Boeuf & Coq, Suffolk Street Dublin 2.

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