About Us

I am the Tec Dr, a freelance tech journalist and podcaster who also writes and podcasts for Irish Tech News.

When I was doing a postgrad in cloud computing in NCI back in 2011, I made some great friends. One of these friends and I decided to go out to lunch in different restaurants in Dublin every Monday and we started doing this in late 2019. What makes our lunches different is the fact that I am a fussy eater. 

I don’t like most veg unless it is liquidised as in vegetable soup or is in small pieces like in some versions of minestrone soup. Another of my dislikes is garlic except when it is in a dish where it is not the main ingredient such as an Indian curry or a BBQ sauce where it is easier to tolerate. I can tolerate eggs when used in a pasta sauce or when used in baking, but not when poached, scrambled or boiled. I also don’t drink milk but I will happily have butter, a variety of cheeses, ice cream and various types of bread and pastries. I don’t mind if milk is used with mash potatoes or for a pasta sauce and I am not fond of cream or custard yet I like crème brulee. Spicy food excites me but not when you add in guacamole or sour cream. I love meat including beef, chicken, turkey and ham but I don’t like fish.

At a Christmas drinks party in 2019, I got talking to a person in PR mentioning my Monday lunch adventures. From that conversation, the idea of a blog describing my friends and I’s Monday lunch adventures as seen through the eyes of a fussy eater.

We intend to visit at least 50 different restaurants this year with the proviso that we can get a decently priced lunch with a glass or 2 of wine. The main reason for the wine is to show that the food in the restaurant may be cheap, but by the time you add in a drink or two, you might not get the bargain you thought you were getting. My aim is to guide you through the culinary delights that a fussy eater can enjoy and I hope that you enjoy the interesting journey of a fussy eater.