Add some Spice & Rice to your curry

Spice & Rice

I tend to order takeaways twice a week and on Saturdays I love to get an Indian meal. When I order an Indian curry, there is enough to last me two days. This means I don’t have to cook on Saturday and Sunday. In fact, all that I do on Sunday takes me minutes. Firstly, cooking some basmati rice in my rice cooker, followed by heating up my leftover curry in my microwave. 

Nothing beats having a curry the day after you order it, mainly because it tastes that little bit special. Another thing I really love is getting some white Brennan’s bread. Using it to soak up the left-over curry sauce.

Brennan's Bread and Curry Sauce

How many slices of bread are used? Well, that depends on how much curry sauce is left, but on average two or three slices should do it. 

This week’s restaurant is?

One of the things I enjoy most is getting a bargain. These bargains are especially good when it concerns restaurants. Sometimes you can find on Just Eat or Deliveroo opportunities of 15 to 40% discount or more. The only problem is some of these discounts require you to spend a certain amount of money for example €25. This week I found a bargain with an Indian restaurant I have ordered from in the past. The restaurant in question is Spice & Rice, and I will describe the bargain in more detail below.

So what did I order? 

As you will know by now I am a big fan of spicy curries so that’s what I planned to order. Opening up the Deliveroo app on my phone I went straight to the offers section to see if anything would catch my eye. The first thing that popped up was Spice & Rice, a restaurant I have ordered from in the past. Noticing 30% of the entire menu, I smiled as a bargain was in the offing. The Meal For 1 immediately caught my eye.  Any starter, 1 main dish, with pilau rice, 1 Naan, 1 poppadaum and 1 soft drink.

I had so many choices to choose from but in the end this is what I picked. My starter was Seekh Kebab (Non-Veg), my main course was Lamb Vindaloo (Extra Spicy) and a can of Coke. Having eaten from here before, disappointment would not be an option, and I eagerly awaited for my meal to arrive.

So how was my Meal?

Everything I ordered arrived well packaged and warm, which is always a good sign to me. The poppadaum tasted nice and crispy, if it does not taste crispy you know it’s at least a day old. 


The Seekh Kebab which is kebab on a skewer consisted of minced lamb and various spices. It tasted nice but there was some yogurt mixed in with it. I did my best to avoid the yogurt as my fussy eater palate does not like it.

Seekh Kebab

The Lamb Vindaloo was wonderful, with the lamb being nice and tender. It had a nice kick to it  just the way I like my spicy curries. The pilau rice that accompanied it was fluffy and suited my Vindaloo oh so well.

Spice & Rice Lamb Vindaloo

The Naan bread, was plain, just how I like it and tasted delicious especially with some rice and curry sauce on it. The combination of Naan bread, rice and curry sauce is culinary magic and something that has to be experienced.

Naan Bread

Ordering again from Spice & Rice is something I would happily do. The 30% discount helps and if you are ordering for two you can get a meal deal for two. However, I might change my starter. Namely because of the yogurt.  

So what did my meal cost?

The Meal For 1 cost €12.95. With a service fee of €0.49, and a delivery fee of €2.90. The bill came to €16.34 before I added my Rider Tip. 

Spice & Rice, 2 Malpas St, Clanbrassil Street Upper, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8, D08 HP48

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