An English version of Dough Bros Pizzeria

As I mentioned on my last blog post, I was going to be in London thanks to the travel tech company Eviivo. Whilst I was there I managed to fit in three restaurants, that I will be reviewing. It was great to be out reviewing restaurants in another country and another city. My base of operations was Kings Cross which has had a major makeover, and is the new Covent Garden.

The hotel I was staying in The Rokxy Townhouse was perfect. It was more than just a room, it was an experience. I was booked into The Hygge Suite, which came with 2 rooms, a bedroom and another room called The Snug. The bedroom had a Kitchenette equipped with a DeLonghi microwave, a SMEG fridge and a Nespresso Coffee Machine. There was also an ensuite bathroom with a shower. The Snug had hangers for your clothes, a couch and ensuite bathroom with a shower. There was also a record player that allowed you to listen to music via wired or Bluetooth headphones.

The Rokxy Townhouse is only 4 minutes’ walk from Kings Cross tube station, and 5 minutes tube ride from Covent Garden. All this meant that I would have a lot of restaurants to choose from. As I arrived last Sunday afternoon and departed late last Tuesday afternoon, drawing up a schedule was a must. In the end, my itinerary included one restaurant visit per day as I was determined to maximise my trip. 

This week’s restaurant is?

Once I knew when I would in London, I went into research and planning mode. My first night in London, was going to involve eating in a restaurant in Kings Cross. Noticing a few restaurants in Pancreas Square, one place soon popped out and after some googling research, it was going to be my first restaurant in London. As a side note, Pancreas Square is also where Google has their UK headquarters. 

As you can see from the video above I was in Fatto a Mano, a pizzeria that reminded me of Dough Bros, the best Irish pizzeria. Founded in Brighton in 2015, Fatto a Mano has three restaurants in the Brighton area, and last year they opened their fourth in Kings Cross. Fatto a Mano is the Italian for made by hand which aptly describes how they create their pizzas. 

When Fatto a Mano first started, their aim was to serve authentic and affordable Neapolitan style pizza in a friendly environment. Their pizza dough is freshly made daily using the best Italian 00 flour alongside salt, water and yeast. Letting their dough prove for 24 hours, results in minimal amounts of yeast been used. Ensuring their pizza is light and easy to digest.

Independent suppliers provide the fresh Italian and British ingredients used to create the pizza toppings. Cooking for around 90 seconds in an oven at 450 degrees, is the only way to do a Neapolitan pizza, and that’s how they do it. Craft beer from the Brighton brewery UnBarred, matches perfectly with the pizza.

As it was raining, I did not sit outside but upstairs. It was not too cramped as you can see below.

Fatto a Mano Pizzeria Craft Beer

Seating was kind of limited and if I had gone on busier night, I would have needed a booking.

What did I order?

The restaurant menu has starters and sides alongside various pizzas and dips. I ordered a Margherita pizza which you can see below.

Fatto a Mano Pizza

To accompany the pizza I had a Fatto Bionda Helles a modern Helles lager made exclusively in Brighton for Fatto a Mano, which you can see below.

Fatto a Mano Craft Beer

The Fatto Bionda Helles is two thirds of a pint and also known as a schooner. Something you won’t see in Ireland but you will see in the UK.

How was my meal?

My Margherita Pizza tasted delicious and I managed to eat most of the crust. The Only issue I had was the tomato sauce which was loose and dripped too easily, which you can see below.  

Fatto a Mano Pizzeria Pizza Slice

By not using a pizza cutter to divide the pizza into slices, another minor gripe appeared. This meant cutting the pizza could get messy because as I already mentioned the tomato sauce was loose. However, minor gripes like this should not put you off having a pizza here, as the light dough makes it easier to digest.

The Chinook and Golding hops used in the Fatto Bionda Helles helps give it a crisp refreshing taste. It is also a perfect match for my Margherita pizza, and it’s great to see local breweries getting this kind of support. It’s also worth noting that you can also order wine with your meal and naturally it’s Italian.

What did my meal cost?

My Margherita pizza cost £9.50 and my Fatto Bionda beer cost £5.60. With 12.5% Service Charge, my final bill came to £16.99 (€19.29).  

If you are ever in London, Fatto a Mano is well worth a visit. Great pizzas and wonderful craft beer is a joy to behold, the perfect pairing and something you won’t regret.

Fatto a Mano Unit 1, 3 Pancras Sq London N1C 4AG

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