Bunsen the best burger in Dublin

Bunsen packaging

This week I wanted to review something simple and so delicious, a hamburger from Dublin’s best burger joint Bunsen who is 7 years old. Their no-nonsense burgers have been praised and their menus are famously simple and printed on a business card.

Bunsen menu

Since 2013 they have expanded and opened more outlets. Four more in Dublin, one in Cork, one in Belfast and one in Barcelona. 

So what makes Bunsen burgers so good? Well to me, its three important ingredients, the bun, the meat and lastly the cheese. Bunsen says that they have perfected the classic American hamburger bun which they call the Amish dinner roll. Made fresh every morning by their baker in his Tallaght bakery. For their meat, they use Black Aberdeen Angus from FX Buckley, minced with a precise ratio of three different forequarter cuts every morning. The only addition is Salt and pepper, which is added just as grilling starts. The cheese Bunsen use is one they make themselves. It expertly mimics the traditional American hamburger cheese found in Europe and has the right amount of gooeyness.  

Having eaten in various different Dublin branches of Bunsen, the food has always been top-notch. So when I knew they were now delivering I just had to order a burger from Bunsen. As fussy eater onions, mayo, pickles and lettuce never appear on my burgers and Bunsen cater for this. When you order your burger online, you get to choose what you want on it. Other restaurants that offer burgers do not have this option and I feel that is something they should add. It’s not rocket science to add this and it gives the customer genuine choice.

Once I had found Bunsen Burger via the Deliveroo app, it did not take me long to place my order. A double cheeseburger with ketchup and shoestring fries was on its way to me and I could not wait. When my order arrived it was in the Bunsen brown bag as seen at the beginning of this article.

The cheeseburger was wrapped in a traditional takeaway burger wrapping along with tin foil to keep it warm. Was the burger just as nice as I remembered it? In one word yes. The bun was fluffy and not dry like some brioche buns you can get in rival joints Some restaurants offer double cheeseburgers with a bun in the middle but Bunsen does it best. They just have melted cheese on each patty so you get two portions of yummy gooey cheese.

Bunsen Double cheeseburger

The burger was how I like it cooked, well done. I know people out there will be thinking that’s sacrilegious. But each to their own. The burger tasted like it always has, juicy and full of meaty goodness, which is why I rate them highly. Because they only offer burgers, there is less chance of anything going wrong.

Bunsen double cheeseburger and shoestring fries

The shoestring fries were inside the mini paper bag they come with if you have them in the restaurant which sadly doesn’t keep them warm. The fries were lukewarm but I kind of expected that. The fries tasted ok but that is because they were lukewarm. When I have ordered fries whenever I have visited Bunsen, I can’t finish them as the burger fills me up. You go to Bunsen for the burger and there has been times where I just get a burger.

So I guess you are wondering if I would order from here again? Well as you can probably guess my answer is going to be yes. Having eaten in various branches of theirs over the years, disappointment never appeared. If Bunsen could keep their fries warm then you would have the perfect meal. But as I already mentioned you go to Bunsen, for just one thing, their burgers. It’s also worth noting that earlier this year Big 7 Travel released its 50 Best Burgers in Europe 2020 list with Bunsen ranked in the seventh position two years in a row.  My full food bill came to €13.80 for my double cheeseburger and shoestring fries. On top of that was a delivery fee of €3.49 and a service charge of €0.49. Adding on my rider tip, my final bill was €19.78.

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