Cafe Topolis delivers fantastic Italian cuisine

Pizza Box

Back in the times when Covid did not exist, I used to meet up with 2 friends from college. One of the friends used to go with me to the restaurants I started reviewing on here. Every Wednesday we would meet up for lunch and sometimes other college friends might join us. It was like a younger version of Last of the Summer Wine. Three men breaking bread and putting the world to rights.

Discussions of the day varied from Brexit, philosophy, the latest tech gadgets and what Apple were doing. Two of us have iPhones, iPads, Mac’s and Apple Watches, hence the Apple talk. After our meal was over we would spend time chatting before we went for a walk or a drink. Our walks might take us to the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle or St Stephens Green. If we went for a drink others might join us in various hostelries in the city.

This week’s restaurant is?

In 2012 we started meeting up in a Malaysian restaurant in the IFSC. When that restaurant closed we moved to an Asian restaurant in the heart of Temple Bar. After a few years we decided to move from there as were taking up valuable seats. Mainly because we did not leave after we finished our meals but continued chatting over various coffees. As we were mulling over what our next residence would be, I happened to come upon the perfect restaurant. A lovely Italian in Temple Bar that I spotted and then went in for lunch.

The restaurant was busy which is no bad thing, and I had to get a table downstairs. The following week we started coming here and only stopped once Covid hit. The restaurant I am talking about is Cafe Topolis on the outskirts of Temple Bar, in Parliament Street. The staff got to know us and each week we nearly always get the same table by the window. Except when they had a big booking and needed the space. We were able to watch the world go by as we ate and chat.

So what did I order? 

Opening up the Deliveroo app on my phone I soon noticed that Café Topolis was open again. A big grin formed on my face as I remembered their fantastic lunch. Where you could get two courses and a tea or coffee for €11.95. But I knew their fantastic Minestrone Soup which I always ordered in the restaurant had to be savoured and enjoyed. By the time I finished it my main course would be cold, so I just ordered a main course. 

Cafe Topolis have a great woodfired oven which is the best way to cook pizza, and they do lovely 12 inch pizzas. Having eaten their pizza on numerous occasions, I knew I would not be disappointed, so I ordered a Margherita Pizza.

So how was my Meal?

The pizza arrived nice, warm and well packaged in a pizza box. A pizza wheel had left outlines of slices, making it easier to eat. 

Cafe Topolis Margherita Pizza

The pizza tasted delicious, having the flavours only a woodfired cooked pizza can have, and was Neapolitan style. Having a thin base. The basil leaf’s on the pizza added hints of mint, anise and pepper. Which combined well with the mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

Cafe Topolis Pizza Slice

It was also one of the very few pizzas that I managed to eat all the crust too. At times pizza crust can be very big, requiring a sauce to dip it into. A big pizza crust also means I probably won’t be able finish them off.

Having eaten in Cafe Topolis lots of times, I can highly recommend eating there or ordering take away. The late great Italian restaurant critic Paolo Tullio, had a lovely meal there and highly recommended it, high praise indeed. 

So what did my meal cost?

The Margherita Pizza cost €10.00. With a service fee of €0.49, and a delivery fee of €3.49. The bill came to €13.98 before I added my Rider Tip. 

Cafe Topolis, 37 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

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