Carvery Delights

This week I am going to be reviewing something that I have not reviewed before. Something that was once very popular, but is mainly only available now on Sundays. I am of course talking about a carvery lunch, which I will be talking more about in my next Substack. So without further ado let’s get on to this weeks review.

This week’s restaurant is?

Sometimes, when I have been in the city centre, around Grafton St at lunch time. I might pop into certain pub for their excellent carvery lunch. This pubs carvery menu varies and I have had their beef and turkey at various times.

As you just saw in the video intro above I was in Sinnotts, the well-known Dublin Gastropub and sports bar. Sinnotts is on South King St, next to the St Stephen Green centre and near the Gaitey. When you walk in the main doors, you then descend the stairs and are soon in the bar. What greets you is lots of seats and tables plus a multitude of TV’s, as it is a sports bar.

Inside Sinnotts for carvery

Before the pandemic, their carvery was the stuff of legends. Lunchtimes on certain days of the week would be jammers. That’s how popular it was. When the pandemic hit, bars with food were allowed to reopen. Sinnotts carvery had been replaced with their non lunch food menu.

Thankfully, once the pandemic was over, Sinnotts brought back their carvery. It had been missed. A great carvery will give you numerous options to choose from, and what you get easily fills you up.

What did I order?

Well, I went for something a bit healthy and had the turkey. You can’t beat a few slices of turkey with some mash and gravy. My turkey came with potatoes done two ways, mashed and chips, with gravy over everything. The other options available included a fish dish and roast beef. Having eaten here on numerous occasions, I know how good their beef is. However, when turkey is available, it’s a no brainer and turkey is chosen.

The variety of choice, which you can see below, even lets a fussy eater like me have two or more choices to choose from.

Sinnotts Carvery choices

That’s not a bad thing and it’s nice not to be too restricted in what you can eat.   

How was my meal?

The most important part of my meal, the turkey was well cooked, as you can see below. 

Sinnotts Turkey Carvery

The gravy also played an important part, it made the turkey less dry, and added flavour. There is nothing worse than eating a dry piece of turkey. The mash potatoes were perfect and thankfully there was no hard bits of un-mashed potato to be found. The chips were nice and crunchy and didn’t look greasy.

The portions, you get are savage, and I could not finish it all as you get a lot. So, you can why I mentioned earlier, that what you get easily fills you up.   

What did the meal cost?

My roast turkey with mash, chips and gravy cost €14.95.

If like me you love a nice carvery lunch, you won’t be disappointed with Sinnotts. The food is fresh and hot with quality Irish produce. If you missed the carvery their main food menu comes into play. 9 starters, 3 salads, 10 mains, 7 sides and 3 deserts.  

Sinnotts, South King Street Dublin 2.

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