COVID-19 has created havoc in the hospitality industry

Since March of this year, COVID-19 has presented some serious issues for the hospitality industry. Social distancing has become ubiquitous. Mass gatherings are a thing of the past. This new everchanging COVID-19 world has created a strange scenario. Hotels, pubs and restaurants have closed. Some have closed down for good. Resulting in job losses.

Some businesses in the hospitality sector have pivoted. They are now offering take away meals for collection or delivery. This has kept some businesses open and some jobs saved. It has also ensured that we get to enjoy some of our favourite dishes in the comfort of our own homes.

At the moment nobody knows when we will be able to go to our favourite restaurants or bars again. So we will have to try and support our favourite restaurants and bars in one of two different ways. If they offer take away meals for collection or delivery order one as a weekly treat. You could also start using ‘Vouch For’. Which allows independent cafés, bars and restaurants to sell vouchers, that can then be redeemed in-store when they reopen.

So for the foreseeable future, we will be living in a COVID-19 world. Until bars, hotels and restaurants are open again, I won’t be able to do my reviews. But as more and more bars, hotels and restaurants are offering take away meals. I might start reviewing them. In the meantime don’t forget to stay home and stay safe.

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