Diwali is another authentic Nepalese & Indian restaurant


For this review, I decided to go to a restaurant that I have wanted to eat in, Diwali. Based in South Great Georges, Diwali offers Indian and Nepalese cuisine. Their menu is fairly similar to Kathmandu Kitchen which is just around the corner and two minute’s walk away. Like Kathmandu Kitchen, Diwali does a fantastic two-course lunch for €11.99. How will they compare to each other?

The best way to compare Kathmandu Kitchen and Diwali is to order similar starters and main courses with one exception. The Aloo Chap, two boiled rice, and Plain Naan bread were the same. My main course Chicken Vindaloo was now a Lamb Vindaloo. 

As I don’t live too far from where Diwali is based, my food arrived pretty quickly. Which was a good thing as I could not wait to eat it. The food arrived in the usual typical takeaway packaging. This is no bad thing as you know it will arrive safe and most of all warm. 

How was my meal?

Well, it had me wondering if Diwali and Kathmandu Kitchen had the same owners or shared their recipes. Both of their menus are nearly identical. Plus they tasted more or less the same. This is no bad thing as Kathmandu Kitchen is an excellent restaurant.

The Aloo Chap tasted, wonderful, and is probably the best in Dublin. To those of you wondering what is Aloo Chap?  Mashed potatoes are infused with ginger and cumin, dipped in batter and fried.

Diwali Aloo Chap

It was not greasy which is a trait some fried foods have, and ginger and cumin is good for you.

My main course, the lamb Vindaloo was spicy with a nice kick. The very hot and spicy curry sauce is created with onion, tomatoes, ginger and fresh ground chillies.

Diwali Lamb Vindaloo

The curry has a spicy kick and heat that lovers of spicy curries will love and it tasted delicious. If hot and spicy curries are not your thing, there is plenty of other curries to choose from. 

The Naan bread was tasty and I love using it to soak up some of the sauce on my rice.

Comparing Diwali and Kathmandu Kitchen is no easy task as both restaurants offer exceptional food. All I can say is that if you order from or eat in either restaurant you won’t be disappointed.

Would I eat here again?

Now for the most important question that has to be answered. Would I order from here again? I already have done, so that answers that question. The food was delicious and packaged perfectly, what’s not to like? 

Lastly, what did my meal cost? The Aloo Chap cost €4.95. The Lamb Vindaloo cost €10.95. The Plain Naan cost €2,00. The two boiled rice cost €4.00 and I also got a free bottle of Cobra, which was a nice touch. My full food bill came to €21.90 with a delivery fee of €2.99 and a service charge of €0.50. Adding on my rider rip my final bill was €27.39.

Diwali restaurant, Unit 1, 1, South Great George’s Street, Dublin, D02 HH93