Featherblade is a no nonsense steak restaurant

Being able to go back out and eat in restaurants is great. It’s great having a lot of restaurants to choose from. Different cuisines each week is something to look forward to. Because Covid is still out there I am going for lunch at 2 pm. The main reason for this is so that I can avoid a crowded restaurant.

This week’s restaurant is?

Well this week we went to a restaurant that I had been to before but my friend William hadn’t. It’s a restaurant based in Dawson St that is known for serving great Irish grass-fed steaks and a good burger too. The restaurant I am talking about is Featherblade, which has been open since 2014. Named after their signature dish the Featherblade, a long cut taken from the shoulder of the cow. Offering a fillet steak experience for a fraction of the price. All the steaks they serve are from some of the best Irish grass-fed herds. Guaranteeing more nutrients than grain-fed herds.

To ensure I got a table at 2pm, I made a booking online via the restaurants website. This is easily done and worth doing as it’s a fairly popular and busy restaurant, but it’s worth noting that they take walk-ins. The inside of the restaurant is a mixture of bench seats and seats and tables. We had bench seats and did not at all feel cramped, which can happen in some restaurants as they maximise space. 

Featherblade Inside

There was music playing in the background, but thankfully it was not too loud so you can talk and hear yourself think. I have been to a few restaurants that I won’t be going back to. Mainly because it was like being on the dance floor of a nightclub.

What did I order?

The menu is a standard menu that does not change. So, if you go for lunch or dinner, you will end up paying the same price. You can go for the set menu at €34. This gives you a starter, main, sauce, side and desert and a ribeye steak is a €6 supplement. The menu is a barcode on your table which you scan with your smartphone to view it.


I decided to just go for a Featherblade steak with a side of Beef Dripping Chips and Brandy Peppercorn sauce.

Featherblade Steak

William had Smoked Ham Hock Croquettes and Apple Ketchup as a starter.


For his main course he had the Truffle Burger. This consisted of a Smoked Patty, American Cheese, Gherkin, Onion and Truffle Mayo. He also had a side of Beef Dripping Fries. As for drinks I had a coke and William had a couple of glasses of Sauvignon Blanc.

Burger and Fries

How was my meal?

My steak was cooked perfectly and was already pre sliced as you will have noticed in my earlier photo. It tasted like a good steak should taste, not too much moist and plenty of favour. This also meant it was tender and not tough, which to me is a big no no. William enjoyed his starter and he really liked his burger especially the Truffle Mayo.

We both had no deserts and we encountered a problem we have seen before. William had 2 coffees but he could not get any lattes. So he had Americano’s with milk on the side. This is the third restaurant that could not give William a Latte. Would Paddy Power give us odds on this happening in the next restaurant we would visit?

Our meal was perfect and the service was great. Not being rushed out the door ensured we enjoyed our meal at our own pace. Featherblade is a steak restaurant that like  Ronseal, does exactly what it says on the tin. So, if you are just after a steak in the centre of Dublin city then Featherblade is well worth a visit.

What did my meal cost?

Well, my steak was €14, my chips were €3.75, my Brandy Peppercorn sauce was €1.50 and my coke was €2. This brought my bill to €21.25 before tip.

Featherblade, 51b Dawson Street, Dublin 2, D02 DH63.

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