Hamburger heaven an interesting review

Sorry, it’s been so long since I posted a review, and thankfully service has now resumed. Over the next few months, there will be some interesting restaurants reviewed. I have also joined Substack where you can read my latest weekly musings on food and drink. You can find my first Substack post here and I hope you will subscribe to it.

This week’s restaurant is?

There are certain restaurants that I have eaten in, and never had the chance to review until now. This week’s restaurants is one of those restaurants and it has three sister restaurants in Dublin. In fact, I have eaten in one of its sister restaurants on Wexford St on numerous occasions. 

It has been seven years since I last ate in the restaurant on Wexford St and from what I can remember it was a nice meal. So, when I was perusing the Groupon app recently, as I do from time to time, a deal caught my eye. It was for a branch of the restaurant I had eaten in on Wexford St. So, I had to buy the deal as it was offering great value. 

As you just saw in the video intro above I was in one of Dublin’s best hamburger restaurant chains Bobos Burgers. Offering gourmet burgers, Bobos Burgers started in Wexford St and now has three other branches in the city. All the beef burgers in Bobos are 7oz patties using top quality Heifer meat under 24 months old. A Master Butcher supplies all their meat, which is 100% Irish, fully traceable and never frozen.

I was here with one of my old college friends who has accompanied me on a few previous restaurant reviews. Like me, he loves a good hamburger especially a burger that is not a fast food type hamburger. The restaurant itself was busy enough but not too busy that we could not get a seat. As you can see below it was spacious and you were not bunched up to diners sitting near you.

Inside Bobos Burgers

What did I order?

Well, I ordered the bacon cheese burger and my college friend had the cheese burger. My burger came with mayonnaise, cured smoked bacon, old dubliner cheese, tomato, onion & lettuce. Naturally, as a fussy eater my burger came sans mayonnaise, onion and lettuce. Our burgers also came with chips. To go with our meals, my college friend had a Coke Zero and I had a Bobos Craft Lager.

How was my meal?

My bacon cheese burger was cooked well done, as you can see below. 

Bobos Burgers Bacon Cheese Burger

The cheese and bacon on my burger was lovely. The flavours from the cheese and bacon complimented each other and helped make the burger taste delicious. 

Bobos Burgers Bacon Cheese Burger

The burger bun perfectly suited my hamburger, and is how a hamburger bun should be. The Bobos logo embossed on the top of the burger is a nice touch. The chips that came with our burgers were very crunchy and warm. They were also not greasy and tasted like all good  chips should.

Bobos Craft lager, is an Irish Lager. Being German inspired, It is brewed with German hops, malt and yeast by Rye River Brewing Company, and you can see it below.

Bobos Burgers Rye River Beer

The funny thing about this lager is that it’s not something I would normally order in a bar. However it does go perfectly well with food and was the perfect accompaniment to my burger and chips. That’s the interesting thing about certain wines and beers. They work best when consumed with food.

What did my meal cost?

The deal I had with Groupon gave use 2 burgers and chips for €19.95. But a further discount by Groupon brought this down to for €17.95. My lager cost €8.50 and the Coke Zero cost €4.50. This brought the total bill to €30.95 before tip.

If you are in the market for a gourmet burger, I can highly recommend Bobos Burgers. You won’t regret it.

Bobos Burgers, 50-521 Dame Street, Temple Bar, Dublin, D02 FX37

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