Indie Spice Grill eclectic contemporary Indian Cuisine

Indie Spice Grill

Since I started this blog it’s been great to see different Interpretations of dishes that I love. Restaurants offering their own variations and twists on cuisines that we all love is a sight to behold. Lamb Shank done Indian style is one such example that I truly adored. There will of course be other meals offering a unique take and I look forward to reviewing them. Anyway, enough of that and let’s get back to today’s review. 

This week’s restaurant is?

By now you will have noticed that I love Indian food and thankfully there is no shortage of them in Dublin. I can’t wait to sit in a restaurant and enjoy a nice spicy curry. But In the meant time, reviewing takeaways suits me just fine. This week’s restaurant is one that has been on my radar for around 15 years. When I first moved into my apartment, one of the first leaflets I received was from a Sandymount Indian restaurant.  

That restaurant is Indie Spice Grill, and it is not your typical high street Indian. It also has sister restaurants in Naas and Swords, offering the same Indian cuisine. The original owner Tariq Salahuddin created something special that resulted in his various restaurants winning awards. Just over two years ago Tariq came back to Indie Spice Grill as business director. His expertise is a great help as Indie Spice Grill sails through the choppy waters of COVID-19.

So what did I order? 

Opening up the Just Eat app on my phone I soon found Indie Spice Grill Sandymount Bar and I started viewing their extensive menu. I knew that I wanted a spicy curry with a kick. The only place to find that was in the Handi Aur Kadhai (All Time Favourites) section of the menu. 

A Vindaloo caught my eye. Especially after I noticed how it was described. Very very hot. Made with red chillies, tomato paste blended with potatoes and goan spiced paste it was right up my alley. I had to next choose what type I wanted, Vegetarian, Chicken, Lamb or Tiger Prawn. Being a fussy eater it was either Chicken or Lamb, and I went with Lamb. Going with the Lamb Vindaloo, was Plain Poppadum and Naan bread. 

However, I did make the mistake that one can make at an Indian restaurant, forgetting to order rice. Sometimes rice is free with your meal and you are given an option to choose which rice you would like. When I went to the checkout section of the Just Eat app, I was reminded if I wanted Pilau Rice. Stupidly I ignored this, and it was only when my meal arrived that I noticed this. Luckily, I have a rice cooker so I was able to whip up some basmati rice in 15 minutes. 

So how was my Meal?

My meal arrived perfectly packaged with the food warm and packed in an eco-friendly container. A container that you will see in certain Chinese and Thai restaurants, and restaurants supplying soup. 

Indie Spice Grill Packaging

When I noticed that I had not ordered rice, I quickly put my rice cooker into use. Whilst waiting for the rice to cook, the Plain Poppadum’s became my starter. Normally poppadum’s are disc shaped but Indie Spice Grill do theirs differently, and they look like Chinese crackers. 

Indie Spice Grill Poppadum's

They tasted, crispy, crunchy keeping me satisfied, until my rice was ready. Fifteen  minutes later, I could finally enjoy my Lamb Vindaloo, which thanks to its packaging was still warm. 

Indie Spice Grill Vindaloo

The vindaloo had one hell of a kick to it and I could taste it on my lips awhile later. That’s no bad thing to me as I like spicy food with a nice hot kick. The lamb was full of flavour, very tasty and cooked to perfection. 

Indie Spice Grill Vindaloo with rice

The Naan bread was plain and was not like your typical Naan which is folded in two. It was the type of Naan that had bumps and ridges and like the one I had from India Today. It was great for dipping into the curry sauce and naturally tasted lovely with some rice and curry sauce. 

Indie Spice Grill Naan

Ordering food again from Indie Spice Grill, is a given as it did not disappoint. And being a lover of curries I can’t wait to eat it in person in the restaurant. 

So what did my meal cost?

My Lamb Vindaloo cost €11.95. The Plain Poppadum cost €2.50. The Naan cost €2.50. With a service charge of €0.50, and a delivery fee of €2.99. The final bill came to €22.45.

Indie Spice Grill, 23-24 Sandymount Rd, Dublin 4.