Irish Hereford Prime

One of the things Ireland is known for is its food, especially its beef which is world renowned. There is nothing finer than eating world Irish beef in a top class restaurant. I have eaten steak in some of Dublin’s best restaurants, the best cuts of beef cooked perfectly.

Why am I talking about steak?

Well, it is a big part of this week’s review, which is something completely different to what I normally do. Earlier this week I was lucky enough to eat steak in the award-winning FIRE Steakhouse & Bar in Dublin. I was not eating just any steak, I was eating 6 different types of steak. This was because I was attending the launch of the new brand identity of Irish Hereford Prime.

Irish Hereford Prime steaks
Pic: Naoise Culhane Photography

What is Irish Hereford Prime?

Well, it is beef synonymous with exceptional taste, quality and sustainability. It boasts a timeless story of excellence dating back to 1997. Recognised on a global stage. Winning prestigious awards and taking pride of place on various Michelin-starred menus. Irish Hereford Prime decided it was time to elevate their brand look & feel. To match the world-class quality of their premium beef.   

The brand’s new central icon uses a single flowing line to illustrate the Hereford animal. Reflecting the simplicity and purity of the Irish countryside. Straight lines are not often found in nature. With the countryside a tapestry of shapes, characterised by twists and turns rather than straight lines. Fresh and modern, yet in step with its rich heritage. The Irish Hereford Prime mark is a clear statement of quality. Whether it is seen on a menu or supermarket shelf. Farmer led and member owned. Irish Hereford Prime is Europe’s largest and oldest Hereford producer group with over 5,000 farmers as members. 

At this launch event. Members of the Irish Hereford Prime team explained why they started the producer group. And how they guide their members to produce the best beef, to the highest standard. Driving demand and creating a reputation for care, consistency and exceptional quality. It was then over to FIRE Steakhouse & Bar Culinary Director, Richie Wilson to awaken tastebuds with a guided beef tasting. 

During this exclusive tasting experience. Guests were treated to six different cuts and cooks of World Steak Challenge Gold Medal winning Irish Hereford Prime beef. Including a bespoke dry-aged Fillet steak. From behind the grill Richie took guests through the journey from farm to fork. Showcasing what gives this premium beef its unique mouth-watering flavour profile.   

What makes this beef so tasty? 

Prime taste amazing, it, is also packed full of nutrients. It’s superb tenderness and taste is a direct result of the Hereford animals’ stress-free lives led in our lush Irish fields of green. The secret to its award-winning flavour and melt-in-the mouth texture lies in the finely-grained fat that creates its characteristic marbling.

Across Ireland, Irish Hereford Prime famers are going above and beyond. Rearing Herefords to carrying out additional activity on their farms which will benefit the environment. These activities include: reducing the use of chemical pesticides, planting forestry and wildflower meadows. Creating safe havens for wildlife such as birds, bees and bats. As a breed Herefords boast a reduced carbon footprint, when compared to other cattle, due to their early maturation. By famers increasing their time spent grazing outdoors, this further reduces Herefords’ carbon emissions. 

Provenance and standards when it comes to food are essential

Certified Irish Hereford Prime is a true badge of quality. It gives producers, chefs and consumers complete confidence that the beef is genuine. Ensuring that it can be traced back to the field where it was reared.  Irish Hereford Prime adheres to a lengthy and strict set of certification regulations. With members also participating in the Bord Bia Sustainability Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme. Irish Hereford Prime’s strict qualifying criteria for their animals, leads to a very suitable carcase. The early maturing ability of Herefords ensure cuts of a consistent size and quality.  

Speaking from behind the grill on what he looks for from his meat, Richie Wilson, Culinary Director at FIRE Steakhouse & Bar commented, ‘We’ve been serving Certified Irish Hereford Prime for over 10 years, something we’re really, really proud of. I’ve been to the farms and seen how the Hereford animals are cared for, how they’re bred and how they’re reared. Knowing all of this gives me so much confidence walking out to talk to a table of diners. It’s amazing to be able to tell guests where exactly the beef has come from, and how natural and well cared for the product is. Pre-covid, on a busy night we could serve up to 500 guests, so we need to be 100% confident that our beef is of the best possible quality. It has to be perfect every single time. Irish Hereford Prime really is a step above everything else.’

How did the steak taste?

Well, in one word, delicious. It was also juicy and very tender as you can see in the photo below.

As for my favourite steak, there was only one clear winner out of the six. The dry aged fillet. If you are lucky enough to be in a restaurant that serves Irish Hereford Prime steaks, order one. You won’t regret it and your tastebuds will thank you.

Irish Hereford Prime is available as part of the SuperValu Signature Tastes range. For more information on Irish Hereford Prime’s new look and feel, rich heritage, farmers or mouth-watering recipes, visit

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