Konkan offers the hottest Vindaloo in Dublin I ever had


On my last review, I mentioned an Indian restaurant that I was planning to review but was not available. That restaurant is Konkan and I am now able to review it on here. The first time I tried to order directly from the Konkan website my address was not in their delivery area. So when Konkan became available on Uber Eats I was good to go.

Konkan has two branches, one in Clanbrassil St and another in Dundrum. The branch being reviewed is in Clanbrassil St and is ranked as the seventh-best India restaurant in Dublin according to Tripadvisor.   

After opening the Uber Eats app, Konkan’s menu soon popped up. Being partial to spicy food, especially curries there was only one thing I was going to order. A Vindaloo and instead of my usual Chicken Vindaloo, I ordered a Lamb Vindaloo. As well as the Vindaloo I also ordered poppadoms, lemon rice and plain nan bread.

So how was my meal?

Cooked in an extra hot and tangy sauce with fresh spices and ginger, the curry sounded delicious. But, I had made a big mistake in ordering the wrong rice. The Lemon rice had a sharp tang to it which greatly reduced my enjoyment of the curry. It also reminded me of the first time I tasted a lemon when I was a child, Whilst living in Malta for a year, there was an orchard in the back of our villa. Fresh lemons and oranges grew here. I will never forget the sharp and tangy bitter sour taste from the lemon that I tasted. So why did I try eating a lemon? Someone who shall remain nameless told me they tasted great.

So to do Konkan justice I placed the same order as before but with one minor change. Basmati Rice replaced the Lemon Rice. Now I could do the curry justice. It was the hottest Vindaloo I have ever had in Ireland, had one hell of a kick and was delicious.

As always, whenever I order a curry I always order a second portion of rice. This is to go with the leftover curry that I eat the next day.  The Naan bread was so tasty and soaked up some of the curry sauce. You could say it was one of the best Naan breads I have ever eaten.

How much did it cost?

It’s easy to see why Konkan is rated one of Dublin’s top Indian restaurants. When it’s safe to eat again in restaurants I will be there as my curry was delicious. So you must be wondering what did it all cost in the end? The Lamb Vindaloo and Basmati Rice were €15.30. The Plain Naan Bread was €2.40. The Poppadoms was €1.10. The extra portion of Basmati Rice was €2.30. With a delivery fee of €2.94, the final cost before rider tip was €24.05.

If you are in the delivery area of either of Konkan’s restaurants it will be cheaper ordering directly than ordering from any delivery apps.

Konkan, 46 Upper Clanbrassil Street D-8.
Konkan, 1 Upper Kilmacud Road D-14.

The last Vindaloo that I ordered.