McGettigans Cookhouse & Bar interesting roast beef

This blog is now 18 months old and I never thought things would end up the way they have. Reviewing restaurants that have pivoted into takeaway’s because of the pandemic has made my reviews slightly change. Ambience and service have been replaced by packaging and how it looked and smelt. I was looking forward to visiting different restaurants each week with my college friend.

After my sixth review, it was decided that we plan way in advance where we were going to go, So a list was drawn up for the next three months. My friend and I chose six restaurants each that we would visit. Some we could walk to and others required a Bus, Dart or LUAS to get to. This meant we were able to chose from more restaurants and not restricting ourselves. This neatly leads on to this week’s restaurant.

This week’s restaurant is?

The list that I mentioned earlier had some great restaurants on it, and one of them is todays restaurant. This restaurant is a fairly new restaurant in Amiens St and is just across the road from Connolly Station. McGettigans Cookhouse & Bar is based in the Address Connolly hotel formerly known as The North Star hotel. Named after Brian McGettigan the hotel’s owner. 

There is also a sister hotel, the Address Cork and another hotel the Kingswood in Citywest. In the two Address hotels you will find a McGettigans Cookhouse & Bar and the Kingswood House restaurant which is near by the Kingswood is now another McGettigans Cookhouse & Bar. I ate in the Kingswood House restaurant twenty one years ago and I had a fabulous meal.  

The old North Star was a three star hotel but since its revamp and renaming it has now gained a star. To go with this upmarket revamping, the hotel’s restaurant got a name change and also a culinary revamp. The hip hotel now has trendy food to match and on the McGettigans Cookhouse & Bar website they state:

Built on a proven track record McGettigan’s Cookhouse & Bar creates and delivers great tasting food using fresh quality ingredients sourced from artisan local suppliers and served with professional standards of service and hospitality set in unique, contemporary and relaxing surroundings”

So what did I order? 

Opening up the Just Eat app on my phone I soon found McGettigan’s Cookhouse & Bar and I started viewing their extensive menu. With starters, main courses, daily roasts, pizzas and deserts, a fussy eater would not be left hungry. So which of the choices above did I get? Well I decided to forgo a starter and desert and stick with a main course. Something on the menu had quickly caught my eye and that was one of the daily roasts. 

Having not had a roast lunch since February 2020 in the Lagoona Bar, I was hankering for one. I used  to enjoy having a carvery once a week in different venues around the city and Dublin county. Venues in Dublin 1, Dublin 2, Dublin 4, Malahide and Sutton. There was 3 roast choices and I went with the Roast Sirloin of Irish Beef. The beef comes on a bed of creamy mashed potato, with duck fat roast potatoes, honey glazed carrots and parsnips. It came with two sides roast gravy & horseradish sauce.

So how was my Meal?

My meal arrived perfectly packaged with the food warm and packed in containers I used to see on airlines. The bag it was in was stapled shut to ensure it was not touched since it left the restaurant. It also looked and smelt lovely.

McGettigans Cookhouse & Bar packaging

The Roast Sirloin of Irish Beef was not what I imagined it would be. I was thinking of the carvery lunch roast beef where you get two or three beef slices. Cooked perfectly, it tasted nice. The mashed potato was so creamy and tasted as creamy mash should taste, creamy and oh so tasty. The duck fat roast potatoes looked perfect and tasted beautiful, 

McGettigans Cookhouse & Bar opened

Being a fussy eater I did not eat the carrots and the parsnips. As for the two sides? I am not a big fan of horseradish sauce, so I had the roast gravy which I always get when I have a carvery. It fitted like hand in glove and tasted wonderful.   

Ordering food again from McGettigans Cookhouse & Bar, is something that I would do. Even though the meal was not exactly like the carvery I had expected it did not disappoint. The roast beef was tasty. The creamy mash and duck fat roast potatoes tasted like they would in a carvery.    

So what did my meal cost?

My Roast Sirloin of Irish Beef, regular size cost €15.95. With a service charge of €0.50, and a delivery fee of €2.99. Bringing the final bill to €19.44.

McGettigans Cookhouse & Bar, The Address Connolly, Amiens Street, Connolly, Dublin 1.

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