My favourite pepper is Black Pepper

I have not posted for a while because I have found my go-to Indian restaurant. Every Friday I have looked forward to ordering from them. The restaurant in question was formerly known as Khan Balti House and last year relaunched as Black Pepper. 

Khan Balti House based in Donnybrook always got great reviews and the new name and look will do it no harm. Especially as the current pandemic has enabled Black Pepper to pivot as a takeaway. This will also enable them to fine-tune their menu.

After opening the Just Eat app, Black Pepper’s menu soon popped up. Being partial to spicy food, you won’t be surprised that I ordered a Vindaloo. And instead of my usual Chicken Vindaloo, I ordered a beef Vindaloo. As well as the Vindaloo I also ordered poppadoms, pilau rice, and plain nan bread.

Black Pepper Beef Vindaloo

I used to order a second portion of rice to go with the leftover curry I have the next day. However, that’s not safe, as I don’t know if the rice is fresh. Reheating cooked rice is not good. So, why take the risk of reheating it the next day? Late last year, I got a rice cooker that cooks perfect rice for my leftover curry. My rice cooker seen below works a treat with my leftover curry.

My rice cooker.

So how was my Meal?

Cooked in an extra hot sauce with fresh spices and red hot chili pepper, the curry tasted delicious. The beef was very tender, tasted oh so good, and was a perfect match for the vindaloo sauce. This means every time I order a vindaloo from Black Pepper, it will be beef and not chicken or lamb. 

Last year I said the hottest Vindaloo I have ever had in Ireland was from Konkan. That is no longer the case as that mantle has now rightly moved to Black Pepper. When your curry has a red hot chili pepper in it, you know it’s going to be hot and spicy.

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My Beef Vindaloo

The Naan bread was yummy and soaked up some of the curry sauce perfectly. It was one of the best Naan breads I have ever eaten. As for the poppadoms, you get four with nice dips including divine mango chutney. 

Black Pepper also must have read my mind as they packed the poppadoms, 2 per bag. Preparing me for my leftover meal the next day. It’s easy to see why Black Pepper is rated so highly on Just Eat. When we get back to a normal life I look forward to visiting Black Pepper and eating there. 

So what did my meal cost?

The Beef Vindaloo and Basmati Rice was €13.90. The Plain Naan Bread was €2.95. The Poppadoms and chutney was €2.00. With a service charge of €0.50 and a delivery charge of €3.00, the final cost was €22.35.

Black Pepper, 51a Donnybrook Road Dublin 4.

As I love my weekend curry from Black Pepper too much. I have decided from this week I will be ordering a midweek takeaway and this will be the restaurant that will be reviewed here.