My first Galway review

I have been away for a while, and I am now back. Every one or two weeks you will see a new review from restaurants all over Dublin and beyond. This blog has always reviewed different cuisines and will continue to do so. 

This week’s restaurant is?

A couple of weeks ago I was in Galway for the weekend and I had to visit one of my favourite restaurants.

As you just saw in the video intro above I was in Irelands best Pizzeria, Dough Bros. Whenever I go to Galway, I always make time to visit Dough Bros a restaurant that I and countless others rate highly. Last year they were voted the 37th best pizzeria in the world, the 16th best pizzeria in Europe and No 1 in Ireland.

In 2013, brothers Eugene and Ronan Greaney began Dough Bros with their beloved food truck. Offering Neapolitan Pizza cooked in an Italian wood fired oven, they quickly made a name for themselves. One year later they opened a Pop-Up Restaurant in Galway City Centre. When their short-term lease ran out nearly two years later, they moved to their current location.

Walking in to Dough Bros, you join the queue to order your pizza. The queue size depends on the time you are there, and it shows how popular Dough Bros is.

Dough Bros Menu Galway

Whilst, queuing you can see the menu above you, so you can easily pick what you would like. When you get to the front of the queue, you give the cashier your order. They then give you a number on a stand, which you put on the table they direct you to. When your pizza is ready the number on your table tells them the pizza is yours.

Whilst waiting for my pizza I noticed a section of the restaurant dedicated to the history of Dough Bros. From their humble beginnings as a food truck through to now.

Dough Bros History Galway

What did I order?

The menu which you saw earlier listed 12 different types of pizzas with funny and interesting names. The option of adding further toppings to your pizza is also available. As always I chose the Margherita which the Dough Bros call the Bros Margherita.

Dough Bros Pizza Galway

This is because with no toppings on the pizza, you can properly taste the tomato sauce and see if there is too much cheese. You can also see if the tomato sauce is runny and if the cheese easily slips of your pizza slice. My pizza was made with San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Basil, Parmigiano Reggiano, Toons Bridge Fresh Mozzarella, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I also had a can of regular Coke to go with my pizza. 

How was my meal?

You can easily see why Dough Bros Pizzas are rated so highly, made Neapolitan style with a thin crust at the base. The dough puffs up around the sides producing a very airy crust. The crust was also not too thin and not too thick which was music to my ears. These Galway brothers, the Greaney’s make one hell of a pizza.

Dough Bros Pizza Slice Galway

As you can see my pizza’s tomato sauce was not runny and the cheese did not slide around. There is nothing worse than a pizza that has runny sauce and cheese sliding around as your meal gets messy. The pizza tasted great and had the right amount of tomato sauce, cheese and basil. The taste is part of what makes Dough Bros Pizzas so great and also highly rated in Ireland and abroad. I also left nothing behind which to me is a compliment especially since I normally leave some of the crust behind.

What did my meal cost?

My Bros Margherita cost €13.50, my regular Coke cost €2.50. My final bill came to €16.00 before tip.

If you are ever go to Galway your first port of call has to be Dough Bros. Just so you can taste and see why they are Irelands best Pizzeria. It also worth noting that every Friday and Saturday Dough Bros make pizzas in O’Connell’s Bar in Eyre Square. The famous Dough Bros food truck that started it all is also still being used. 

Dough Bros, Cathedral Buildings, 1 Middle St, Galway

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