Nando’s brings peri-peri into your life

One of the things in life that foodies love is comfort food. Something they can rely on to always taste good and also be your guilty treat. But it’s not just foodies who love comfort food it’s me, you, your friends and families too. This week I decided to review my favourite comfort food restaurant and possibly yours too. I am of course talking about the chicken restaurant Nando’s. 

Nando’s is a well-known South African chicken restaurant chain that is famous for its famous peri-peri chicken. Founded in Johannesburg in 1987, Nando’s have specialised in Portuguese-African and have over 1,000 restaurants in 35 countries. In 2008 they moved into Ireland and opened their flagship restaurant in St Andrews Street in 2011. I have eaten in their St Andrews Street, and Mary Street restaurants numerous times. I have also eaten in their Victoria Square Centre restaurant in Belfast.

Every time I have eaten in Nando’s the food was never an issue. It always tasted perfect and the sides were great. This had me wondering if having a Nando’s delivered to me was just as good. Having opened up the Deliveroo app I was soon browsing the Nando’s menu and then ordering. I ordered a Half Chicken with Hot Sauce which came with a choice of two regular sides. Regular Chips and Regular Creamy Mash were my two sides.

How was my Meal?

Nando’s only use British or Irish chicken, which they marinate in peri-peri for 24 hours. The flame-grilled to order Half Chicken came in my choice of spice and consisted of two pieces, breast and leg.

The hot spice has a nice kick to it and it tasted just like it does in the restaurant. As the chicken was not fried, it was not greasy. The peri-peri adds to the kick and you can notice it more when your spice is milder.

As for my two sides, they were top-notch. The chips were nice, crispy and not greasy. The creamy mash was exactly how mash potatoes should be, creamy and soft with no hard pieces. They were the perfect accompaniment for the chicken.

There is nothing finer than a piece of Nando’s chicken dipped into the creamy mash. It tastes heavenly to me and puts a big smile on my face. When you get a big smile on your face, you know you are eating proper comfort food.

Would I eat here again?

Now for the answer to the most important question. Would I order from here again? Yes, I would. The food was delicious, packaged perfectly, and Nando’s are giving you perfect comfort food, you can eat in your own home. Whenever I have had a Nando’s in a restaurant I have never been disappointed. The same goes for their home delivery, which I have ordered three times over the past few months. 

It’s easy to see why Nando’s is successful as they offer well-liked and reasonably priced food. When Nando’s reopened some of their kitchens earlier this year. They did this so that they could deliver food to frontline workers in hospitals and local charities. Once they started doing this, it was only a matter of time before anyone could order from Nando’s. I am glad that they did because during this pandemic you need your creature comforts. As the old joke goes my grandad doesn’t like peri-peri chicken, but my Nando’s.

Lastly, what did my meal cost?

The Half Chicken and two regular sides cost €14.95 with a delivery fee of €2.99 and service fee of €0.49. Adding on my rider rip my final bill was €20.43.

Nando’s offer click and collect in some of their restaurants, and they have partnered with Deliveroo for home delivery.