One Society pizza puts a smile on your face

One dilemma that fussy eaters can face is a menu that gives them limited or no choices. There has been times when I have used the excuse of trying to eat less when I only have two courses. A main course with a starter or desert is what I tend to go with. This normally happens at high end/fine dining restaurants.

I can remember the first time I tried fine dining. It was in the 1990’s when I was still living in Aberdeen. My parents were meeting some friends for dinner, the friends that visited us when we lived in Malta. So, the four of us and myself were in this nice restaurant. In my eyes, I did not see much choice on the menu and the portions were small. 

Since then I have been wary of fine dining but the internet and social media has helped. Gone are the days when you only saw the menu when you were seated at the restaurant. Seeing the menu in advance plus photos on Instagram gives you an idea of what to expect.

Thankfully casual dining has become more in vogue and fussy eaters the world over are happy. Casual dining offers some of the things you get in a fine dining restaurant. Quality fresh ingredients from artisan suppliers combined with fantastic cooking and most importantly no fast food. It also offers bigger portions and more options for fussy eaters. Casual dining also elevates certain cuisines to another level.

Take for example your typical Indian restaurant, offering Korma’s, Vindaloo’s etc. and compare it to a restaurant like Doolally. A restaurant that offers fantastic Indian food whilst bringing it up to another level. The food there shows you what you can do with Indian food and a little imagination. Their Doolally Thali Tray is something else. You can read my review of Doolally here.

This week’s restaurant is?

Well, you are probably thinking that as I have mentioned casual dining, that this week’s review would involve it. And yes, you would be right. This week’s restaurant is a fantastic restaurant in Dublin’s Northside, that offers two different menus. A typical breakfast/brunch menu and a dinner menu which offers pizza and pasta dishes. I am talking about One Society based in Gardner Street.

One Society, opened in late 2018 and is the brainchild of Will Monaghan, who left a career in sales to do this. When One Society first opened, they only had a breakfast/brunch menu. But this soon changed when they imported a pizza oven from Naples and started offering an evening Italian menu. Their evening menu offers five starters, six pasta dishes and eighteen pizzas alongside two deserts. Their suppliers include the excellent Higgins Butcher in Sutton and Will’s sister’s farm.

So what did I order?

I quickly opened up the Deliveroo app and headed straight for One Society. I was in the mood for a pizza and there was two on the menu that caught my eye. The Imposter (BBQ Chicken), Tomato sauce, lightly spiced BBQ chicken, Toonsbridge mozzarella, and a drizzle of olive oil. And the Margherita, Tomato sauce, Toonsbridge mozzarella, and a drizzle of olive oil. In the end I went with the Margherita. With less toppings on a pizza, you can see and taste the pizza in all its glory. I recently had a pizza which had extra toppings of two different cheeses. The extra cheese ruined the experience and taste of the pizza for me. 

So how was my Meal?

The meal arrived well packaged, ensuring it was nice and warm.

The pizza had just the right amount of cheese and tomato sauce. Unlike some pizzas, the sauce and cheese did not slip and slide around. 

One Society Margherita

There is nothing worse than a pizza with sauce and cheese dripping as you try to eat it. 

One Society Pizza Slice

Pizza is not supposed to be messy. The crust was exactly how I like my pizza crust to be, nice, crunchy and not too thick. It was also one of the very few pizza crusts that I could finish. It was not designed to be dunked in a dip which made me smile.

One Society Pizza Crust

So what did my meal cost?

The Margherita, cost €12.50. With a service fee of €0.63, a delivery fee of €3.00, and a Restaurant tip of €0.87. The bill came to €17.00.   

One Society is open between 10am–9pm, Wednesday to Sunday.  They also do sit in and collection or delivery takeaway. I definitely look forward to ordering from One Society again. The Imposter (BBQ Chicken) pizza is next on my must try list.

One Society, 1 Lower Gardiner St, Dublin 1

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