The only pub with an entrance on Grafton Street

Last weeks review of Hellfire went down very well. The video is a worthwhile addition to the blog. Now it will be much easier for you to find the restaurant that I have just reviewed. Important landmarks nearby the restaurants appear in the videos giving you a sense of direction. 

This week’s restaurant is?

Recently I was in Dublin City centre, and after doing some shopping I decided to treat myself to some lunch. The only criteria for where I went was value for money. Paying over the odds for lunch during the financial crisis we are facing was not an option.  

As you can see, I ended up in Tapped, a gastropub off Grafton Street that opened late last year. It also has an entrance on Nassau Street. Having previously looked at their lunch menu online, I knew value for money was achievable. Tapped is based where Judge Roy Beans and the Porterhouse Central used to be. Having the highest number of beer taps of any in pub in Ireland, is how it got its name. So, how many beer taps are we talking about? Would you be surprised when I tell you it’s 50.

The team behind Tapped are also the team behind the Porterhouse Brewery and Dingle Distillery. The beers available naturally includes some of the Porterhouse Brewery products alongside other craft beers from Ireland and beyond. Teaming up with the Dublin Pizza company, the food menu includes pizzas, burgers, wings and sandwiches.

As you can see below the interior has been given a massive update.

Tapped inside

Utilising wood, concrete and steel it has a steampunk look. The counter tops are bespoke and made with Italian glass bricks. Another thing I liked is that It doesn’t feel too cramped. So you won’t have neighbours practically on top of you.

What did I order?

The lunch menu offers a variety of choices that won’t break the bank and are suitable for a fussy eater. Sandwiches start from €8.50, salads start from €11, burgers start from €10.50, pizzas start from €13 and wings start from €12. I was immediately drawn to the wings that come in five different types with fries. The options available are Classic Buffalo Wings, Lemon & Herb, Mango Habanero, House-made Harissa, and Atomic.

Normally I would go for the Atomic wings as I like a bit of spice in my life, but the Mango Habanero peaked my interest. Mango is my favourite fruit and habanero is my favourite chili. The sweetness of the mango and the spiciness of the habanero makes for an interesting combination. . To go with my wings and fries I had my favourite Porterhouse beer the Temple Lager. There is nothing finer than a crisp refreshing lager accompanying a meal.

How was my meal?

I could not finish my meal, not because of how the food tasted. But because the portions were huge, which you can see below.

Tapped chicken wings

The chicken wings were cooked to perfection. The Mango Habanero giving the perfect mix of sweet and spiciness. The fries were nice, crispy and most importantly did not look or taste greasy. The tricky thing about eating chicken wings is that they can be sticky resulting in messy fingers. Plus any sauce coating them can easily drip on to your clothes. Thankfully none of this happened. This was due to one important thing, their Mango Habanero glaze, coating the chicken wings before cooking commenced. If you like your wings spicy these wings are not for you. However, if sweet with a hint of heat appeals to you. Congratulations as these are the wings for you.

The Temple Lager was so crisp and refreshing and perfectly matched the wings and fries.

Tapped craft lager

As you can see it looked and tasted like a proper larger should. Not like the overpriced mainstream imposters you can get in pubs and restaurants, and you will know who I am talking about. 

What did my meal cost?

My Mango Habanero wings and fries cost €12 and my pint of Temple Lager cost €6.50. This brought my total bill to €18.50 before tip. 

Getting the Dublin Pizza Company to take care of the cooking was a masterstroke, as my meal was delicious and the lunchtime menu offers lots of choice. Tapped also offers organic and sustainable wine, alongside premium cocktails and craft beers. Another nice touch is the value for money you get for lunch. If I had swapped the lager for a soft drink my total bill would have been around €15.

If you are a chicken wing fan I can highly recommend their chicken wings. Having eaten Dublin Pizza Company’s Pizza on numerous occasions in the past, I know pizza lovers won’t be disappointed. 

I should also add that you might be wondering who is the busker you see at the beginning of this week video? Well, it’s is the excellent Marie Ticha.

Tapped, 47 Nassau Street Dublin 2

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