The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant a great gastro pub

As we begin a New Year, we hope that this year is not as bad as the previous two years. We also look forward to restaurants eventually getting back to some type of normality. What that normality will look like nobody knows yet but if the weather is good, it will involve more outdoor eating. It could also possibly involve more food trucks which have become more popular over the past few years. 

Last year, new restaurants such as Six by Nico, Lennan’s Yard and Library St sat alongside new food truck such as Los Chicanos Taqueria and Puck Burger. Showcasing the best of Irish and international cuisine and Irish produce. Whilst also showing that the food and restaurant sector have not played their final hand.

This week’s restaurant is?

This all neatly brings me to this week’s restaurant, which is one of my favourite gastro pubs. Having eaten here many times over the past 16 years, I am glad that it is still open. The gastro pub that I am talking about is the Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant. Based in the IFSC in a former Dock Office/Harbourmaster that was built in the 1830’s. It opened in the early 2000’s and you can see how it got its name. 

Some gastro pubs offer smaller versions of their takes on fine dining. Which can be fine and dandy if you are not a fussy eater. But as I am, it can make it harder choosing a dish from their menu. The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant is not like this, leaving lots of choice for us fussy eaters out there. The food here never disappoints, and I have had many a happy time here with friends. Their burgers, steaks and pasta dishes are so tasty and always hit the spot. 

So what did I order?

Well, one of the things that you always get here is great value for money. My friend Damo and I used to come here for a late lunch and get the chicken wings special. This is Spicy Wings and Fries for a tenner which goes well with their wide selection of beers. Their chicken wings is also one of the best chicken wings in Dublin and is a must have. So, naturally I had to have the Spicy Wings and Fries. This was quickly done via the Just Eat app on my iPhone 12. As I live fairly close by, my order would arrive quickly and most importantly hot. There is nothing worse than getting semi warm fries.

So how was my Meal?

What I ordered arrived neatly packaged and warm. The Fries and Spicy Wings, came with two portions of ketchup and two portions of blue cheese dip.

The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant packaging

The fries were not too, thick or greasy and were hot and tasted delicious. 

The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant Fries

As for the spicy wings they were as I remembered, spicy, crispy and cooked perfectly. 

The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant Spicy Wing up close

The wings were not drenched in sauce or too spicy, and the portions were like they always have been, huge.

The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant Spicy Wings

I had enough spicy wings to eat the next day, which is great value for money. It also means I have less cooking to do as I have them with rice from my rice cooker.

Ordering again from the Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant is something I have done on numerous occasions. Especially when I have a hankering for chicken wings. The food was just as I expected it would be. Hot, and tasty bringing back memories of many a late lunch in the Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant.

So what did my meal cost?

The Spicy Wings and fries cost €12.00. With a service charge of €0.60, and a delivery fee of €2.99. The bill came to €15.59.   

The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant, Customs House Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1, D01 W0X8

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