The Millstone is a lovely steak house

I am always on the lookout for new restaurants to review. Sometimes they can be found right under your nose. Restaurants that you walk by regularly and don’t really notice, as they blend into the background. Other times I am online at various websites looking to see if any new restaurants are opening. The one thing I look for is value for money but at times there is exceptions to the rule. Where I will treat myself, but this was not one of those times. 

This week’s restaurant is?

One restaurant that really blends into the background is the Millstone Restaurant. Based on Dame Street it is the sister restaurant of 1909 in Dalkey and I have walked by it many a time. There is a barrel outside the restaurant with a menu on it, which I never bothered to read. So, when I stopped one day to look at the menu, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a steak house and the menu looked great. I then had an epiphany and vowed the next restaurant I reviewed would be here. 

Walking into the restaurant we were surprised to see how big it was, kind of like the TARDIS in Doctor Who.

Millstone Restaurant inside

William my usual lunch companion was like me looking forward to trying a new steak restaurant. We both love steak and I love comparing steaks from different restaurants. Soon we were seated at a table and it was great to see the tables were spread out. This meant customers were not on top of each other and you could have a conversation without others listening.

What did I order?

The menu we were ordering from was the tourist and express lunch. This is available between 12 pm and 4 pm, 7 days a week and has 8 main course choices. Everything on the menu was €12.95 but there was a €2 surcharge if you ordered steak. As we were in a steak restaurant, the only thing I was going to order was steak.  So, we both ordered the steak and frites, 6oz prime striploin with brandy peppercorn sauce, mixed leaves and fries. I asked for no mixed leaves and was asked would I like extra fries instead. Naturally, I said that would be great.

Millstone Restaurant Steak and Fries

For drinks we had complimentary still water to start with. I also had a Coke and my dining companion had a glass of house white. He then followed that with a glass of Verdejo Savignon Blanc.

How was my meal?

Both of our steaks were cooked well done and definitely not cremated. Mine was so tender and had a melt in the mouth taste. Tasting like a good steak should as you can see in the photo below. 

Millstone Restaurant Steak close up

My fries were cooked perfectly, tasting like good fries should, and were golden and crispy. When we finished our meals, William had his usual latte which he really enjoyed.

The service was great and perfectly complimented our meals. It was also great not to be rushed out the door so we could savour the moment and enjoy our meals. There was one small slight downside, the price of the coke and the latte. As you will see later, they were more than you would pay elsewhere, especially at lunch time. The Millstone Restaurant is somewhere I can highly recommend if you like your steaks, you won’t be disappointed. As it is based just across the road from the old Central Bank, it is easy to find. Mainly because it is in a great location on the outskirts of Temple Bar.

What did my meal cost?

Our two steak & frites cost €14.45 each, my coke cost €3.75, the house white cost €7.95, the sauvignon blanc cost €8.75 and the latte was €3.95. This brought the bill to €53.30 before a 10% service charge of €5.33 brought the final bill to €58.63.

Millstone Restaurant 39 Dame Street, Dublin.

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