Traditional English food mother used to make

This is my last restaurant review from my recent London trip. I had a ball thanks to the Eviivo collective and The Rokxy Townhouse. As I get used to the new world Covid has created, you will definitely see me venturing further afield. Visiting more restaurants outside Dublin and probably Ireland too. 

This week’s restaurant is?

Before I left for London, I had my itinerary planned out. This was done with absolute precision with the aim of eating in at least three restaurants and possibly four. In the end I visited three restaurants and they were all so different. For my last restaurant in London, traditional English cuisine was on the top of my list. After some interesting online research via Google, you can see where I chose below.

Mother Mash is a restaurant chain that as the name suggests offers mash potatoes. It offers more than just mash potatoes, you choose your main course in three stages. Stage one entails you choosing the mash you want. Choices include Classic, Cheesy, Champ and Colcannon. 

Stage two entails you choosing a sausage or a pie to accompany your mash. The sausages available include Cumberland, London Smokey and Mother Plucker. The pies available include Steak and Blackheart Stout, Traditional Minced Beef, and Spiced Vegetable and Camembert.

Stage three entails you choosing the gravy to have with your mash and sausage or pie. The gravies available include Traditional, Onion and Farmers. To go with your meal you can also have various sides such as Bubble and Squeak, Mushy Peas and Baked Beans.

The drinks menu is pretty extensive. With various soft drinks, water, teas, coffees, craft beers, craft ciders, fruit juices and wines to choose from. You won’t stay thirsty for long.

The desert menu was perfect with a choice of either four British Puddings or four Sweet Pies. The four British Puddings were Saucy Chocolate, Sticky Toffee, Ginger Bread and Chocolate Brownie. The four Sweet Pies were Apple Pie, Apple and Blackberry Pie, Apple Crumble, and Apple and Blackberry Crumble.

What did I order?

The classic mash caught my eye so I went with that. To accompany the mash I chose the London Smokey sausage, which consists of hickory wood smoked pork. 

Noticing craft beer was available, I looked at what was on offer. A nice crisp lager always goes down well with food which was why I chose the Harbour Helles Lager.   

The desert menu offered so much choice, picking what I would have was not easy. In the end I went with Apple Pie.  

How was my meal?

My classic mash tasted like proper homemade mash you used to get as a kid. It was so creamy and buttery and tasted like proper mash should. Most importantly it had no lumps which is a big no no when it comes to mash potato’s. Mother Mash uses the king of British spuds, the finest Maris Piper which explains why it was so tasty.

The London Smokey sausage came as a pair and had a wonderful smokey hickory wood taste.  

Mother Mash Mash and Sausages

Just like you get from a sausage cooked on barbecue using hickory wood chips. The sausages were just the right size being not so big and not so small.

Mash and Sausage up close

The gravy was absolutely delicious and tasted like a proper gravy should. The Harbour Helles Lager I ordered was a stunning craft beer. Brewed by the Harbour Brewing Company a small craft brewery from North Cornwall. Made using pure Cornish spring water sourced on the hillside next to the brewery, and only the finest raw materials. The lager had a herbal and lemon aroma, with a light crisp flavour and a brisk dry finish.

Harbour Helles Craft Beer

My desert

The apple pie was absolutely stunning with lovely big apple chunk’s and it brought me back to my childhood. Going down the country to visit my aunt and uncle and sample some proper home cooking. The thing I loved most of all was my aunt’s apple pie made with big chunks of fresh apple. The apples used in the apple pie were from the mini orchard on my aunt and uncle’s farm.  

Mother Mash Apple Pie and Ice Cream

As you can see the apple pie looked  as good as it tasted with big apple chunks and perfect pastry. The ice cream which was vanilla flavour was the perfect match for the ice cream. If I closed my eyes I was back in my aunts and uncles house enjoying her homemade apple pie.

Apple Pie and Ice Cream

What did my meal cost?

My Sausage Meal cost £12.00, my Harbour Helles cost £5.25 and my Apple Pie cost £5.25. My final bill came to £22.50 (€26.16) before tip.

If you are ever in London and fancy some real proper homemade comfort food like mother used to make. Give Mother Mash a try you won’t regret it, they have restaurants of Carnaby St and in Covent Garden.

Mother Mash, 26 Ganton Street, London W1F 7QZ.

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