Value for money by Stephen’s Green

Some of you may already know that I am also a freelance tech journalist and podcaster. In fact I am the lead podcaster and a senior writer with Irish Tech News. From time to time I get opportunities to go to various events in Ireland and abroad. I also get the opportunity to review some of the latest and ground breaking tech. 

Two months ago the travel tech company Eviivo contacted me. They were launching their Eviivo Collective which recognises unique, notable and luxury independent properties worldwide. Eviivo are known for their property management system, eviivo Suite, and mobile app, eviivo Mobile.

As part of Eviivo’s 10-year anniversary milestone of Eviivo Suite, the original ‘all-in-one’ cloud booking system, the Eviivo Collective is designed to celebrate, support, and raise awareness for independently owned properties, as well as boutique hoteliers, hosts and owners who work in the independent accommodation sector. Eviivo offered me the chance to go away for a few days to one of the hotels in the Eviivo Collective in Europe. A select few journalists were offered this opportunity with Eviivo covering your flights and accommodation.

London was the first city I chose as it’s so close to Ireland, enabling me to spend more time there. It would also give me a chance to do some restaurant reviews further afield. With so many restaurants to choose from, choosing where to go was fun. I will be doing three to four reviews which you will see in the coming weeks. Different cuisines will be explored and you will probably have a fair idea of what one of them is.

This week’s restaurant is?

Anyway, enough about my London trip and let’s get on to this weeks review. A few weeks ago one of my close friends turned 50. So we went out for some lunch followed by a few drinks. Where we went for lunch was a bit of a nice surprise to me as I never expected to go here for lunch.

We had a great lunch and the drinks after weren’t half bad either. So coming back here to do a review for this blog was a no brainer. A couple of weeks later I went back with my old college friend who had accompanied me on my last review. 

As you can see in the video above we were in Harry’s on the Green, based by Stephens Green shopping Centre. Some of you will remember Harry’s on the Green when it used to be known as Major Tom’s. Which I think is named after an iconic character in two David Bowie songs, Space Oddity and Ashes to ashes. Harry’s has had a makeover but you will still recognise Major Tom’s when you walk down the steps and step inside.

As you can see in the photo above it is quite spacious and during the summer I would be eating outside in their upstairs area.  

What did I order?

Harrys offer some great lunch specials such as sandwich with soup and fries plus tea/coffee for €12.50. We both ended up getting what I had last time I was here. Pulled Pork sandwich with a BBQ and Mustard sauce, onions and fries. Naturally as a fussy eater I asked for my pulled pork sandwich sans the onions.

How was my meal?

As you can see in the photo below, my pulled pork sandwich with fries looked delicious.

It tasted lovely with the BBQ and Mustard sauce giving it a nice sweet taste. I was not sure about the mustard as too much of it can ruin the meat you are paring it with,  However, The normal crisp, tart and tangy flavour that you associate with mustard did not appear. Mixed with the BBQ sauce it lessened the sweetness you can associate with BBQ sauces. This is no bad thing because if there is too much sweetness that can overcome your senses. Sweetness is good and the mustard does a great job of reigning it in. Ensuring that you only get a bit of sweetness.  

Harry's on the green Pulled Pork close up

The photo above shows the Pulled Pork was perfectly cooked and then easily pulled apart. Most importantly it was not falling out of the sandwich which was a mini roll cut in two. The French Fries, were just the right size, not too thick and also not greasy. You also got a nice crunch when you bit into them. We also got a coke each to go with our meals.

What did my meal cost?

My Pulled Pork sandwich and French Fries cost €10.50 and my coke cost €3.50. This brought my final bill to €14.00 before tips. Having eaten here twice in the past month, I will be back, as I love tasty food that offers excellent value for money. The lunch specials are a bit of a bargain in today’s economy. If you are a fish fan, every Friday you can get Fish and Chips with Pea Puree for €12.

Harry’s on the Green, 2 King St S, Dublin, D02 FW59

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