Wishbone takes you to chicken wing heaven


Sometimes, you only want simple foods in your life. Food that is not complicated and also puts a smile on your face. This can vary from a bag of chips right through to chicken wings. And it is the latter that I will be focusing on this week.  

Chicken wings are always cooked and served two different ways. Breaded or unbreaded. The unbreaded variety are also known as buffalo wings and are a staple of American cuisine. They can be deep fried or cooked in an oven and marinated before or after they are cooked.

The most popular marinade is Frank’s hot sauce, which is my favourite marinade. I am also not a fan of blue cheese dipping sauce which tend to come with. There is one thing about blue cheese dip and chicken wings that I find ironic. Blue cheese dip is used to take away some of the heat and spice from the marinade. Why not order a milder marinade if the heat and spice is too much for you? 

This week’s restaurant is?

Well, this week’s restaurant has been lauded as one of Dublin’s best chicken restaurants. It’s a restaurant that just serves chicken two ways. This restaurant is Wishbone and they only serve two dishes chicken wings and tenders. Which means they can hone their wing craft to perfection. It is worth noting that there is also a sister restaurant in Kilkenny.

So what did I order?

Opening up the Just Eat app on my phone I soon found Wishbone and I started viewing their simple menu. I knew that I wanted Chicken Wings so I skipped the Tenders. After clicking on Chicken Wings, I was presented with ordering Buffalo sauce or Sticky BBQ sauce. I chose the Buffalo sauce alongside a side of Skin on Fries. 

So how was my Meal?

My meal arrived perfectly packaged with the food warm and packed in perfect containers. I also got three containers that contained my marinades/sauces. Two of the containers had Buffalo sauce and the third had Sticky BBQ sauce.

Wishbone Packaging

If I had been in the restaurant, my chosen marinade would all over my wings. But to make sure there was no leakage or spillage, as they came in three containers. One thing I really liked was the bag my order came in, stapled shut, ensuring there was no contamination of my food.

The Chicken Wings were delicious, and what made them special. Adding a little je nais se quoi, was something I have not seen much of. Breaded wings. The portions were huge, leaving me some over for the next day. 

Wishbone Chicken Wings

The Buffalo sauce was hot, spicy and the perfect condiment for my Chicken Wings. 

Wishbone Buffalo sauce

The Skin on Fries were not greasy, tasted lovely and came as a large portion. They tasted even better when dipped in the Buffalo sauce.  

Wishbone Skin on Fries

Ordering again from Wishbone is something I have done and will continue to do. I also look forward to one day eating in the restaurant and tasting properly marinated Chicken Wings. 

So what did my meal cost?

The Chicken Wings cost €13.95. The Skin on Fries cost €4.25. With a service charge of €0.50, and a delivery fee of €2.99. The final bill came to €21.69. 

Wishbone, 16 Montague Street, Dublin 2, D02 KW59


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