Bison Bar & BBQ offers smoking delicious food

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, COVID-19 has put a stop to my restaurant reviews. I also mentioned that I might start reviewing restaurants that do takeaway’s and a lot of restaurants are now offering this. Before I started reviewing, I had to think about how I would go about doing this. The only way to do proper reviews was to have set criteria that I had to abide by. The criteria I set myself made sure that I only reviewed restaurants that I would visit and eat in. The food I order would also have to be good quality food that is reasonably priced and can be delivered. 

So, for my first review, I picked Dublin’s best BBQ restaurant which I have also visited numerous times. That restaurant is Bison Bar & BBQ and I was aiming to review this restaurant later this year but COVID-19 stopped that. Bison Bar & BBQ, situated on Wellington Quay, next to the Clarence Hotel. The owners are the Press Up Entertainment Group. As well-doing great BBQ, it is also famous for its extensive whiskey menu and delicious cocktails.

Since Bison Bar & BBQ opened there have been numerous BBQ restaurants to come on the scene. They have tried to be Dublin’s best BBQ restaurant and they have been good but lack that sizzling X factor. Bison Bar & BBQ also has a bigger menu giving you more choice.

Firing up the Deliveroo app on my phone, Bison Bar & BBQ soon appeared. If you are used to being able to choose from burgers, chicken wings through to spare ribs and tacos you are definitely out of luck. This is because everything on their sit-in menu is not available. However, you still have enough choice to keep you happy. 

One thing stood out to me and that was their spare ribs, which I have had on numerous occasions. This left me with two choices, a full rack of ribs or the half rack of ribs. As I live alone I would not be able to finish the full rack. So I ordered the half rack of ribs with a side of home cut fries. The ribs available are St. Louis-style which are the meatier ribs cut from the belly of the hog. St. Louis-style ribs are also fatter than baby back ribs which makes them easier to brown and also very flavourful. 

The ribs arrived surrounded in tin foil which kept them warm and ensured the sauce did not drip everywhere.

The home cut fries came in a box that helped keep them warm.

So how were the ribs? Well, the flavour was perfect, full of smoky goodness and the sauce was spot on. At times the sauce on the ribs can be too sweet. There can also be too much of it making them too messy to enjoy properly. The chips brought back memories of eating chips from a proper chipper and were delicious.

The ribs and fries tasted just like they would in the restaurant. This is a plus if you need a break from cooking and want to treat yourself. My total bill came to €17.98 including delivery. The ribs came in at €9.95, the fries at €3.95, delivery at €3.49 and there was €0.49 service charge. Bison have a minimum order value of €10 which is easy to reach. If you want a change from the norm give Bison a go, you won’t regret it.

With our lockdown lasting a bit longer don’t forget about the restaurants that are having to adapt to takeaway only. Treat yourself to a night off from cooking especially if your local restaurant is now doing takeaways. Just look them up on one of the various food delivery apps and support them. We want them to still be around when things finally get back to normal.   

The Bison Bar & BBQ, 11 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

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