Dash Burger is a smash hit

Up until now, Bunsen has been the king of burgers in Dublin but this may be about to change. This is because there is a new burger joint in town, Dash Burger and it’s getting plaudits whilst also selling out. Dash Burger is a popup burger restaurant by Barry Wallace the founder of Pang the healthy Vietnamese restaurant. When the pandemic dies down Dash will be opening as a proper restaurant.

I was looking for somewhere new to get food from, somewhere I had not eaten in or ordered from. I had noticed that Dash Burger was getting rave reviews online mainly because they were offering a unique burger experience. Bunsen shook up how we viewed burger restaurants because of what they offered. A menu that fitted on a business card, bespoke burger buns and the perfect beef patty made every morning. Dash Burger are aiming to do something similar.

So what does Dash Burger offer that makes them a worthy Bunsen competitor? Well, they have four important weapons in their arsenal. The way their beef is cooked. Their beef supplier. Their unique buns and their seasoning.

The burgers are based on the American fast-food chain Smash Burger. After the beef is loosely formed into meatballs and placed on a flat-top grill. They are then flattened or smashed so that they are cooked in three minutes. Instead of the typical eight minutes for regular burgers. Cooking the burger this way creates a crust that closes off the patty retaining all the juice. Resulting in a moist and juicy burger which is topped with American cheese, pickles, onion, mustard and ketchup. 

Dash Burger’s beef supplier is McLoughlins Premium Craft Butchers who supply some of Dublin’s best restaurants. Some of their clients include Coppinger Row, The Winding Stair, The Pearl Brasserie and Patrick Guilbaud. With that kind of pedigree, you know that the beef will be something special. They make a bespoke blend of beef created especially for Dash.  

The perfect Smash burger needs the perfect bun. That bun that must be a potato roll and that’s what Dash Burger use. These buns are fluffy, with a pillow-soft texture, very moist and not too sweet. They are the perfect buns to cradle their perfect burgers and retain all the beefy juicy goodness.

The seasoning adds to the taste of the burger and gives it a unique je ne sais quoi. So you get salt, pepper and a secret ingredient which I think is Unami. This helps to give you a juicy burger that tastes like nothing you have ever had before.

Like Bunsen, their menu is simplistic, giving you three different burger choices, and two choices of fries. There are also other options on the menu which you can see below.

After looking at the menu via the Deliveroo app I ordered the Double Smash Cheeseburger. For a side, I ordered the Fresh Irish Potatoes twice-cooked and seasoned with house salt. Of course, as a fussy eater, I had the Double Smash Cheeseburger without pickles & onions.

How was my Meal?

Cooked to perfection, the burger tasted amazing. Like no burger I ever had before. The mixture of seasoning, cheese, ketchup, mustard and beef makes it a must-have burger.

As for the fries they were delish, and not greasy at all. The fact that they are double-cooked does help. This ensures that the fries are cooked all the way through with a perfect crust.

Dash Fries

You can’t have a burger without fries, a culinary ying and yang. If the fries are not good, the burger experience won’t be the same. Well, everything was great. Their burgers and fries make the perfect food combination.

Would I eat here again?

Now for the answer to the most important question. Would I order from here again? Hell yes, the food was delicious, packaged perfectly, and Dash Burger is doing what Busen did when they first started. They are offering up a unique burger experience that you won’t regret trying. It won’t be long before others start copying Dash Burger. But as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Dash Burger have poked fun at themselves opening in a pandemic on Facebook as you can see below.  

Dash Joke

I look at it this way as more and more people are ordering takeaways, there is no harm in opening now. Having the pedigree of Pang behind them helps. Since they only do take-outs and deliveries, there are much fewer overheads. When the pandemic dies down, Dash Burger is aiming to open up as a proper restaurant and I can’t wait to  have a proper sit down burger.

Lastly, what did my meal cost? 

The Double Smash Cheeseburger cost €4.95 and the fries cost €3.50. My full food bill came to €12.45 with a delivery fee of €3.49 and a service fee of €0.49. Adding on my rider rip my final bill was €18.43.

Dash Burger, Unit 2, College Court, 6-11 Kevin Street Lower, Saint Peter’s, Dublin, D08 A440