Hot Chix is Dublin’s latest chicken restaurant

Over the past month I have been recovering from a bug which is why I have not reviewed much recently. It is nice to have recovered from my bug and to go out and about and visit restaurants again. William, whom I normally do my reviews with was not around this week. So, I went with another of my college friends whom I used to meet with William every Wednesday before Covid. You will remember me mentioning them when I reviewed Café Topolis a restaurant that we used to meet in.

This week’s restaurant is?

Well, this week I decided to go to a restaurant that is fairly new, having opened in the past few months. Hot Chix is a sister restaurant of Rubys, which started in Swords and has other branches including at the Point Square. They also offer takeaway delivery from the Swords Ruby Branch.   

Hot Chix

Hot Chix is based in the Georges Dock area across the road from the Harbourmaster Bar and Grill. It is on the second floor of  building that has another sister restaurant Morning Glory in the ground floor. When you walk in the building you turn left and walk up the stairs to Hot Chix. And now presented with two choices, eating outside on the balcony or inside. As it was a nice day we ate outside on the balcony. 

Hot Chix balcony

Inside the restaurant there is tables and also booths whilst on the balcony there is tables.

Hot Chix inside

As for the balcony view. Georges Dock an area that is normally filled with water to facilitate events could be seen. This includes events I mention includes Christmas Markets and Oktoberfest. Whilst it might not look great at the moment, it will look better when filled with water. Office buildings and walkways could also be seen from where we were sitting.

What did I order?

Whilst looking at the menu, we somehow missed the lunch specials which the waitress brought to our attention. We both ordered the 6 wings, dip and fries with a soft drink at €9.99. For €3 more you could upgrade to a pint. My wings were Buffalo Wings with a Hot Sauce Dip. My friend had the Sticky Wings with a Honey Mustard Dip. We also had a Coke and Diet Coke.

How was my meal?

The Buffalo Wings were well cooked, crispy and oh so tasty. 

Buffalo Wings up close

The Hot Sauce Dip was the perfect accompaniment and had a nice spicy kick which I rather liked. As for the Straight up Fries, they were not what I expected, but not in a bad way. Shaped like crispy waffles, they tasted great.

Hot Chic Straight Up Fries

My friend really enjoyed his Sticky Wings and Honey Mustard Dip.

Hot Chix Sticky Wings

He also liked his Straight up Fries. We decided to look at the desert menu and I decided against paying €8 for a desert. I did think that was pricey. My friend ordered a lovely Americano Coffee and I was glad to see it’s available again. Our meal was great and as its not too far from where I live, eating here again is something I am looking forward to.

What did my meal cost?

Well, my Buffalo Wings with Hot Sauce Dip, Straight up Fries and a Coke cost €9.99. My friends Sticky Wings with Honey Mustard Dip, Straight up Fries and a Diet Coke cost €9.99. The Americano cost €2.80. This brought our bill to €22.78 before tip. Which is excellent value for money.

Hot Chix, The Excise Building, Mayor Street Lower, International Financial Services Centre, Dublin 1

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