Madina Street Food Co offers Asian Street Food

Medina Street Food packaging, that my food arrived in

As you will have gathered by now I have a penchant for Indian food. So the restaurant I was going to review this week served Indian cuisine and I had two places in mind. My first choice was not available but they will be reviewed next week. My second choice is another of Dublin’s hidden gems that you might not know about, Madina Street Food Co. Based in Mary Street, Madina has probably the largest Indian menu in Dublin. Their menu comprises of vegetarian and Indian curries along with Pakistani cuisine too. Having eaten here numerous times in the past, I knew I was going to be well fed. 

Madina Street Food Co. serves exactly what their name suggests but with a unique twist. Normally street food is ready to eat food sold from either a portable food booth, food cart or food truck. Street food also normally gives an overview of a certain cuisine by serving dishes we will know. The unique twist I mentioned is the food Madina serves is cuisine from all regions in India alongside Pakistani favourites. With such an extensive menu, Medina needs to use three kitchens. So no portable food booths, food carts or food trucks are involved. 

Opening up the Deliveroo app. Madina’s menu soon popped up. Leaving me spoilt for choice. In the end, I decided to go spicy and I ordered a Vindaloo.

Medina Street Food overview

Needing a change from my usual chicken curries, a nice Lamb Vindaloo sounded perfect. Along with the Lamb Vindaloo and Basmati Boiled Rice, I ordered another portion of rice, Plain Naan and Popadoms. The second portion of rice is for the leftover curry that I will eat the next day.

So how was my meal? My Lamb Vindaloo was just as I expected spicy with a nice kick. I have had spicier Vindaloos but being spicier does not always mean it’s the best.

Medina Street Food Lamb Vindaloo

As for the rice it was to die for and so fluffy. It is hands down the best rice I have ever had with a curry. The Naan bread soaked up some of the curry sauce and it was delicious as was the Popadoms. There is so much choice on the menu 

After enjoying that lovely curry, ordering from them again is a no brainer. Having eaten there on various occasions, the number of choices on the menu astounded me. This makes it more fun as you try different dishes of the menu. So what did it all cost in the end? The Lamb Vindaloo and Basmati Rice were €16.00. The Plain Naan Bread was €2.50. The Popadoms was €2.00. The extra portion of Basmati Rice was €2.50. With a delivery fee of €3.49 and a service fee of €0.49, the final cost before rider tip was €26.98.

Madina Street Food Co.

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