PHX Burger new name same great food

PHX Burger packaging

As more and more restaurants pivot during the pandemic to become takeaways. One thing tends to change, and that is the menu. This normally happens for one of the following three reasons. There might be a shortage of ingredients. Takeaways tend to cook more meals per hour, resulting in meals that are easy and quick to cook. Anything fancy tends to be costly, something takeaways should not be. So if you are ordering from your favourite restaurant, do not be surprised if your favourite dish is missing.  

This week’s restaurant is?

This week’s restaurant not only changed their menu, they also changed their name from PHX Bistro to PHX Burger. The name change reflects their new menu, which is simple homely food made with Irish produce. They are also getting into the crowded field of burger restaurants which can be tough. What stands them in good stead is two things. Firstly, the great reviews PHX Bistro got on Tripadvisor, averaging 4.5 out of 5. And secondly, Lucinda O’Sullivan, probably Ireland’s favourite food critic giving them a great review too.

Simplifying the menu combined with their reputation ensures you are getting a top quality meal. As I mentioned before burger restaurants have become a crowded market place. So having a good pedigree alongside great chefs helps if a restaurant wants to do this. 

So what did I order? 

Opening up the Deliveroo app on my phone I soon found PHX Burger and I started viewing the menu. There is a choice of five appetisers, seven burgers and three sides to choose from. So, did I go for the obvious and go for a burger? Well, a burger did tempt me but I ended up going for an appetiser and a side. Whiskey Baked BBQ Pork Ribs and a side of Skinny Hand-Cut Fries.

Being a big fan of ribs, I wanted to see how good they were. It’s nice to have a list of go to restaurants when I am hankering for ribs. It’s also great to be able to recommend various restaurants according to the food they serve.

So how was my Meal?

Well when it arrived it was perfectly packaged. The bag was stapled shut and on it was written if bag is open do not accept. This is a nice touch especially in the times that we are living in. 

PHX Burger packaging opened

As the Whiskey Baked BBQ Pork Ribs were an appetiser, there was not too many. Which is what I wanted. I just needed enough to fill me up. The best thing about the ribs was that the meat fell off the bone. This resulted in my face not getting the usual messy face one gets from eating ribs.  The whiskey sauce on the ribs was lovely, it was just sweet enough and worked very well with the meat falling of the bone.

PHX Burger Ribs

The Skinny Hand-Cut Fries were nice and hot but they were a bit bland on their own. Thankfully, I had a bottle of Heinz ketchup on hand which made a great difference. To me, Heinz ketchup is French fries best friend. Have you ever had roast beef or turkey without gravy? They won’t taste the same without gravy and can even taste dry. 

PHX Burger, Fries and Ribs

Ordering food again from PHX burgers is a no brainer. Next time I might even go for one of their burgers. The food they serve is not complicated, and is wholesome and simple with prime Irish ingredients. 

So what did my meal cost?

The Whiskey Baked BBQ Pork Ribs cost €8.50. The Skinny Hand-Cut Fries cost €4. With a service fee of €0.49, a delivery charge of €4.4. The final cost was €17.48 before my rider’s tip.

PHX Burger, 12 Ellis Quay, Smithfield, Dublin 7.