Ruby’s Pizza & Grill might be too sweet for you

For this review, I decided to go to a restaurant that I have eaten in, Ruby’s Pizza & Grill Point Square. They also have a sister restaurant in Swords and another opening soon in Dundrum Town Centre. Ruby’s opened in 2017 and I would go for lunch there before heading to the nearby Odeon cinema. Known for their cocktails, pizzas, chicken wings and house-smoked ribs, Ruby’s is a popular spot in the docklands.

Having ordered a lot of curries recently, a change of cuisine was needed for my latest review and Ruby’s Pizza & Grill and their BBQ ribs fitted the bill. After opening the Just Eat app, Ruby’s Bar & Grill Point Square menu soon popped up. I quickly ordered a full slab of Baby Back Ribs with Fries. Living fairly close to Ruby’s my order would arrive fairly quickly which was handy as I was starving.  

So how was my Meal?

The Fries were excellent, and warm, making me glad I ordered them. When ordering the ribs you could choose from seven different sides. Caesar Salad, Cajun Cheesy Fries, Chilli Cheese Fries, Dirty Fries, Fries, Salad or Sweet Potato Fries.

The full slab of Baby Back Ribs were nice and smoked and smothered in Ruby’s BBQ sauce. The smoking was done perfectly but the BBQ sauce they were smothered in was of the Kansas City variety. Those of you who are BBQ connoisseurs will know the reference is to how sweet they taste. Kansas City Style BBQ has sauce which is sweet and smothered on the ribs before you start cooking them. Sweetness can be nice, but to me, this is over the top Mary Poppins sweetness. 

Any fans of Kansas City style BBQ ribs will like these. They were cooked to perfection, but there is one caveat. It would be nice if you got the option of different types of BBQ sauce. St Louis, Memphis, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texan or Whiskey based would be nice as everyone likes different types of BBQ sauces. It’s a bit like ordering Chinese food where their eight culinary cuisines. Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Szechuan and Zhejiang. Anhui cuisine. The one you will see the most is Cantonese.

It’s easy to see why Ruby’s Pizza & Grill Point Square is very popular as it’s always busy anytime I have been there. When I have eaten in the restaurant I have enjoyed their Chicken Wings. Their Stone Baked Pizza wasn’t too bad either. It was nice popping down to Ruby’s and availing of their lunch specials before, heading off to the cinema. I am looking forward to doing this when it’s safe to go out again, so I can have lunch in Ruby’s. Before I head off to the Odeon Cinema to watch a movie.

So you must be wondering what did it all cost in the end? The full slab of Baby Back Ribs and Fries were €20.00. With a 15% discount of €3, delivery fee of €2.99, the final cost before rider tip was €19.99.

Ruby’s Pizza & Grill Point Square, 5 The Square, Point Village, Dublin 1, D04 N9X8

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